Agile, Graceful and Playful

Exotically wild appearance, gentle and affectionate, the Bengal Breed is a perfect combination for you.

Bengal Cat at Begals Pride

"What greater gift than the love of a cat." - Charles Dickens


The Bengal cat is somewhat a new breed of cat which was created by crossing a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard cat right here in our Nation in 1963.

Known for their beautiful exotic appearance this cat comes with it’s amazingly soft coat dazzled in “wild markings” like rosettes, spots and stripes. This spectacular breed was bred with the objective of having an exotic looking cat with the personality of a trustworthy companion; this goal was achieved.

What we Offer

Exceptional Quality

Our selected Bengal Kings and Queens are carefully being taken care of. Each of them had DNA testing done to make sure they produce healthy kittens.  Pedigrees available upon request.

Healthy Kittens

Our kittens come with one year health guarantee against genetic diseases. They are raised in a clean smoke-free environment and get the highest quality nutrition. Each kitten is hand raised, socialized and loved!

bengal kittens on carpet

Made with Love & Joy

Started from heart and following passion, these kittens will warm your hearts like they did to ours. 


Bengals Pride is a cattery located in Arvada, Colorado and we are engaged in professional breeding of elite and unique Bengal cats.  While there is no requirement in USA to complete an education to become a breeder, we chose to breed Bengals professionally. I am Alina and I am the owner of Bengals Pride. I started my cattery in 2020. At the very beginning of my journey as a breeder I understood that owning a pet cat and breeding cats are completely different things. There are things in breeding that Google cannot teach you about, so I started to search for Felinology courses to educate myself and to my surprise I could not find any programs here in US. Being bilingual helped  me to find the educational program in Europe. It was a Felinology course where I could learn about cat’s genetics, their body, their health and diseases, and most importantly breeding. I learned that the cats characteristics can be expressed in formulas and I learned how to understand those formulas! It was a great educational experience that taught me a lot about cats.

Despite my love to all cats, the Bengal is my favorite breed. Their wild appearance fascinated me. My Bengal cats don’t stop to surprise me with their intelligence, affection, playfulness and loyalty.

Here, at Bengals Pride, our aim is to breed healthy, affectionate and lovely Bengals with vivid and contrast coat colors.

Bengal kittens are delivered straight from the cattery with a full package of documents, fully vaccinated, and  with a sales contract. A $300 non refundable deposit is required to reserve a kitten. (more details)

We are a proud member of TICA Association

Bengal Cats - with their exotically wild appearance, energy and warm heart, these lovely pets will seduce you at a glance.

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