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Also called "the Safari Cat", the Bengal is as charming as a cat can be.

Bengal Breed
Brief Introduction

The Bengal cat is somewhat a new breed of cat which was created by crossing a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard cat right here in our Nation in 1963.

Known for their beautiful exotic appearance this cat comes with it’s amazingly soft coat dazzled in “wild markings” like rosettes, spots and stripes. This spectacular breed was bred with the objective of having an exotic looking cat with the personality of a trustworthy companion; this goal was achieved.

Bengal cats

The Bengal cats are very intelligent and playful in nature. These glamorous cats are energetic and not your typical monotonous house cat. Instead of resting on the couch and not caring about a thing in the world, these little leopards are eager to play and even learn new tricks!

Oftentimes Bengal cats are called “a dog in a cat’s body” because they are very loyal and thrive with consistent interaction. They will often even greet you and interact with you like a dog. Unlike a dog however, these jungle cats adore high places where they can overlook certain areas.

Despite their wild appearance and active lifestyle, these cats enjoy human company, they have affectionate and gentle temperament, and would come for a cuddle frequently, but on their own terms.

These fun cats also really love water, and they are known to get into bathtubs with their owners and also play with their water bowl.  They are intelligent and amusing and should be a great fit into your family and everyday life.

Bengal Cats

The Bengal cat is considered a very healthy breed. These cats are generally stronger and more athletic than other cat breeds. They also do not require regular grooming, minimally shed and are hypoallergenic cats.

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