We have kittens available. Please call/text (303)-941-0896 if you would like to reserve a kitten or if you would like to schedule a visit.

Silver Spotted Male  DOB 04/22/2024. 

Parents: Tyra and Oscar

Will be ready to go home after July 15th.

$2500 – Available

Brown Spotted Female (purple). DOB 04/21/2024. 

Parents: Chanel and Oscar. 

Will be ready to go home after July 17th. 

$2500 (pet price) – Available

Brown Spotted Male (red). DOB 06/23/2024. Although he might look Silverish now, his head and ears have brown tint. He eventually will develop more brown color as he gets older. 

Parents: Alaska and Oscar

 Will be ready to go home mid September.


Brown Spotted Male (orange). DOB 05/11/2024.

 Will be ready to go home after August 5th. 

$2500 – Reserved

Our purebred Bengals come with the following:

Price Information

Our price for a pet Bengal kitten is $2300-$2600. A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a kitten.  The deposit is applied to the price of your kitten and your balance is due when your kitten is ready to go home (spayed/neutered) at 12 weeks of age.

Visit to the Cattery

We would like to welcome you into the world of modern luxury at our cattery, where our Bengal cats live in spacious and comfortable rooms. Our feline residents enjoy the finest amenities from cozy sleeping areas to interactive toys designed to stimulate their curious minds. 

Our nursery rooms designed  to cater to the needs of mom and her precious kittens. Climate controlled environment ensures optimal comfort for both mother and babies. We prioritize the health, happiness, and well-being of each cat, ensuring they receive attention, quality nutrition, and socialization. 

If you would like to visit our cattery and meet our charming Bengal cats, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Please note, we allow kitten visits after they reached 8 weeks of age and received their first immunizations, but you still may visit our adult cats if our current kittens are too young. 


 At our cattery, we take pride in producing high quality Bengal kittens with exceptional temperaments  and stunning coat patterns. We understand that finding a perfect kitten can be a challenge, especially if you live away from us. That’s why we offer nationwide delivery of our Bengal kittens. Before kitten leaves our cattery, it will receive thorough veterinary examination and necessary vaccinations to ensure they are healthy and ready for the journey. Please contact us for the cost of the delivery to your state. 

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